English Tuition (ESOL / ESL)

I will come to you to tutor you in English, or meet you at a suitable place for study, such as a café or library. In addition to my main focus of general and academic ESOL (speaking, listening, reading and writing), I tutor students in essay technique and writing style. I also help students prepare for ESOL exams that are required for entry into universities and other tertiary education providers.

I have a large library of language learning resources. I try to provide lesson materials free of charge, but I may ask if you to pay for some items if you can afford it.

I am happy to meet you just to talk about lessons. I can meet you somewhere or come to you, as long as it isn’t very far. I do this instead of trial lessons because initial lessons are different, focusing on getting to know you and finding your specific learning levels (which shouldn’t be rushed). Also, I want to start using proper learning materials with you as soon as I know what is suitable.


I offer proofreading mainly as part of English language learning, and I can explain why I am making changes I make. If you have anything from a letter to a master’s thesis I can come to you to proofread your draft document, or you can email it to me.

Most of my proofreading is for regular ESOL students or people I see in person, and I charge basically the same rate as for tuition. I am happy to do one-off proofreading by email, but charges will vary according to how long the document is, how much correction is needed, how specialized the subject area is, etc. As my focus is teaching, I am not necessarily the best choice if you just want something checked quickly and cheaply with no feedback.

Science Tuition

I offer science tuition for students with English as a second language who are starting science or who need help adapting to studying science in English instead of their native language. My own science background is in biology and psychology, so I can help students to a higher level in these areas.